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[exhibition time] October 27, 2020 to October 29, 2020
[exhibition city] Tokyo, Japan
[venue] Tokyo Big Sight
[organizer] Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd
[exhibition content] participating in the textile & Material Expo Tokyo is an effective way to access the large Asian textile and clothing import market, Japan (with a total market value of 136.4 billion US dollars)
[exhibition classification] noodles and accessories

Textile & Material Expo Tokyo, as a professional textile fabric exhibition in Japan, is held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. Every year, the exhibition attracts designers, dealers, brand merchants, importers and product developers from all over Japan to visit the exhibition to purchase fabrics and accessories for the new year's clothing production. The buyer directly imports or designates the overseas agent factory to purchase the fabric. Participating in Tokyo fabric accessories exhibition is a quick and effective way for you to contact Japanese customers directly. At the same time, Japanese buyers will also have more trust in the enterprises participating in the exhibition, because in the view of Japanese buyers, the enterprises that can participate in the exhibition are relatively powerful enterprises. Through face-to-face conversation, they can also win the trust of Japanese buyers.
As one of Fashion World Tokyo series exhibitions, Tokyo International fabrics and Accessories Fair is on display in the same museum with Tokyo Fashion Accessories Exhibition, Tokyo International Fashion Show, Tokyo international shoes exhibition and luggage exhibition. At that time, the seven exhibitions will be linked and buyers will gather, and the exhibition effect will be significant. It is expected that in 2019, more than 930 enterprises from more than 25 countries and regions, such as China, Italy, Germany, Poland and the United States, will participate in the exhibition, attracting more than 45000 international professional visitors to visit and negotiate. The exhibition is hosted by Reed Exhibitions, the world's largest exhibition company. Reed Exhibitions are organized in a professional way. The invitation of buyers has always been the focus of Reed Exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions has its own department to invite buyers. More than 100000 buyer's invitation letters and exhibition information will be sent to tens of thousands of professional visitors by direct mail, which basically covers Japanese retailers, Japanese brand wholesalers, OEM retailers and wholesalers, distribution wholesalers and importers. One month before the exhibition, the customer service staff will call around the clock to invite buyers to the exhibition. The success of the Tokyo International fabrics and Accessories Fair is largely due to Reed Exhibitions group's understanding of Japanese buyers and the good service provided to them.

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